The Ranch

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In the early days of the recovery movement, the founders of AA recognized that “more will be revealed.” More has been revealed. Substance abuse treatment stands at the edge of a remarkable revolution spurred on by dedicated researchers, compassionate clinicians, and the enthusiastic demands of people in early recovery for treatment that is compassionate, respectful, and effective. At the leading edge of this revolution, The Ranch has made a commitment to the practical application of the latest advances in the field of drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

Our experience at The Ranch has taught us that our clients flourish best in an environment of support and respect where they can make healthy choices and are responsible for the consequences of those choices. The Ranch works with clients where they are in the process of change, addressing their individual needs and personal concerns.

people walking in the woodsOur approach, while different from many traditional programs, is valued by the many substance abuse treatment centers who actively refer their clients to us for ongoing treatment, because our program builds on our client’s previous recovery work in powerful ways. As we support our clients in continuing and deepening their use of 12-Step sponsorship, meetings, and step work, we encourage them to broaden their focus to explore how they are creating every aspect of their lives, and take responsibility for creating a life of personal empowerment and fulfillment.

We provide clients with the safety, support, and experiences to explore any problems and discover their own path to recovery. Many clients discover co-occurring disorders, destructive character patterns, skills deficits, and life management issues that seriously compromise their sobriety, safety, health, and sense of belonging, connection, and self actualization. When these underlying issues are addressed, our clients discover that they have not only recovered their sobriety – they have recovered a sense of spiritual meaning, purpose, belo

Treatment methods:

Detox, EMDR, Family Therapy, Equine Therapy, Yoga, 12 Steps, Bi-Polar Disorder


Medical Services

Our staff:
Greg Phillips  Greg Phillips, BS, MBA
Greg Phillips Greg Phillips, BS, MBA
Dolly Southall, Receptionist
Dolly Southall, Receptionist
Barbara Larew-Adams, Clinical Director
Barbara Larew-Adams, Clinical Director
Becca Davis, LPC-MHSP, Director of Men’s Co-Occurring Program
Becca Davis, LPC-MHSP, Director of Men’s Co-Occurring Program
Amanda Elkin  Amanda Elkin, LPC, Director of Women’s Co-Occuring Program
Amanda Elkin Amanda Elkin, LPC, Director of Women’s Co-Occuring Program
Treatment for: Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Prescription Drugs, Eating Disorders, Dual Diagnosis, Depression, Chronic Pain, Trauma & PTSD, Anxiety, Sexual Abuse
Licenses: Inpatient
Program for: Adults
Languages: English
Number of beds: 36
Individual treatment: Yes
Dual diagnosis: Yes
12 Steps: Yes
Detox: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Price: -

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