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Healthcare fraud is a growing problem around the world and patients with drug and alcohol addiction are frequently targeted by promises of unfounded, and untested success claims. While there are many reputable treatment facilities that provide exceptional care, not all treatment options are the same. It’s important for patients and their families to protect themselves against treatment options that are expensive and ineffective at providing results.

One of the most important questions to ask before entering into any treatment program is, “Do you provide Science and Evidence Based Treatment in your program?”

According to the New York Times, a groundbreaking report published by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University concluded, “the vast majority of people in need of addiction treatment do not receive anything that approximates evidence-based care.” The report added, “Only a small fraction of individuals received treatment consistent with scientific knowledge about what works.”

Science and Evidence Based Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Evidence Based Treatment is a relatively new field that has spread to nursing, psychology, and most recently to the successful treatment of alcohol and drug related addictions. At its most basic level, evidence based treatments are founded on research studies.

Evidence based decisions are made after reviewing the data gathered from repeatedly testing various treatment options. The data removes the “guesswork” about what works by utilizing methods that have been proven to work over time with a variety of subjects and situations. Intuition may work in some situations but science and evidence are based on fact.

It is reported that only 10% of all U.S. drug rehab facilities utilize some form of evidence-based therapy, and only half of those have doctors on staff. At Inspire Malibu, our program is Science, Research, and Evidence based and we offer a variety of successful non 12 step therapies.

We feel this is necessary because drug and alcohol addiction is a complex illness that develops over time and compromises one’s ability to cope on a voluntary basis. Once the illness becomes compulsive, the brain loses its ability to control behavior.

At this stage, behavior therapy is necessary to overcome the stifling effects of the addiction. Successful treatment is never an easy road. It is a process that takes time and includes not only detoxification but also relapse prevention. Which is why it is so important to incorporate a science and evidence based approach supervised by a trained physician.

Treatment methods:

Detox, CBT, DBT, Family Therapy, 12 Steps, Bi-Polar Disorder


Psychological Services, Medical Services, Recreational Activities, AA/NA, Case Management, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy

Our staff:
Dr. Akikur Reza Mohammad, M.D.
Dr. Akikur Reza Mohammad, M.D.
Sara Mangat, Psy. D
Sara Mangat, Psy. D
Danielle LaRoche, LCSW
Danielle LaRoche, LCSW
Treatment for: Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Prescription Drugs, Dual Diagnosis, Depression, Anxiety
Licenses: Outpatient
Program for: Adults
Languages: English
Number of beds:
Individual treatment: Yes
Dual diagnosis: Yes
12 Steps: Yes
Detox: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Price: $50,000

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