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Mind, Body, Spirit

BTG believes that addiction is a “whole person” disease requiring treatment of the mind, the body, and the spirit. All of the treatment program components work as an integrative whole, helping our clients recover their physical health as well as providing them with the psychological and spiritual tools they need for a life free from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Education and counseling sessions are among the modalities utilized to specifically target treatment of the mind Education and living skills classes cover topics such as the disease concept of addiction, stress management, relapse prevention, nutrition, and codependency.
Group counseling provides a setting of support and caring where our counselors help clients realize the chronic nature of their disease while giving them the tools needed to cope with life minus the crutch of drugs or alcohol. Individual counseling provides a one-on-one, safe, and protective environment where our counselors strive to develop a healing relationship with clients based on trust and confidence while bringing them to terms with the underlying core issues which contribute to addiction. Family counseling provides a protected, caring place where our counselors help all parties to safely address issues in their relationship. Intravenous therapy, oral nutrients, nutrition, acupuncture detoxification, fitness, massage, and neurofeedback are among the modalities utilized to specifically target treatment of the body. Our medical staff administers an individually tailored intravenous course of therapy to rapidly rebalance the brain reducing abstinence symptoms such as cravings, anxiety, and fuzzy thinking thus making it easier for our clients to absorb the counseling and educational aspects of our treatment program.
Our medical staff customizes a daily regimen of oral nutrients for each client based on the results of a thorough history and physical including a full array of blood tests.
Our food and nutrition staff plan and prepare nutritionally sound, appetizing, caffeine free, sugar free meals and snacks.
Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists use Chinese acupuncture to relieve many of the symptoms of withdrawal and abstinence.
Physical fitness is a crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle and a valuable tool in recovery, as such clients have daily access to the gym while in treatment.
Massage therapy provides an experience for the sense of wellbeing including reduced anxiety and depression, improved sleep, and pain reduction.
In the case of neurofeedback, software gives visual and audio feedback to provide an experience to the brain of enhanced function, specifically to improve its regulation of thoughts, feelings, and focus.

Meditation, yoga, Reiki, and the 12 step program are among the modalities utilized to specifically target treatment of the spirit. Meditation helps manage stress that is an inevitable part of life as well as stress that can hinder recovery.
Yoga is a powerful stress reliever as well as a great physical workout.
Reiki is an ancient Tibetan form of energy healing which provides both physical and emotional benefits including feelings of harmony, stress reduction, pain relief, relaxation, and energy recharging.
Either a 12 step program for Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous is required for all of our clients.

Treatment methods:

Detox, Family Therapy, Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Meditation, 12 Steps


Medical Services, Fitness & Nutrition, AA/NA, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Psycho-educational Services

Our staff:
Pam Reiman, JD, MSW, CADC, CSAC
Lauren Howerdd, LCSW
Denise Reaves, MSW, CFAS
Steven Huffine, CADC
Treatment for: Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Prescription Drugs, Dual Diagnosis
Licenses: Inpatient
Program for: Adults
Languages: English
Number of beds: 24
Individual treatment: Yes
Dual diagnosis: Yes
12 Steps: Yes
Detox: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Price: -

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