Anaheim Lighthouse

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Every individual who comes to the Anaheim Lighthouse for our alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs has a particular set of needs with a common enemy of alcoholism and drug addiction. They need a personalized treatment plan, including services that will address social, psychological, emotional and physical health issues combined with groups where others describe their experience strength and hope in overcoming their disease. Using a variety of therapy methods, we clear the way for long-term recovery. For instance, addiction and trauma have been found to be closely linked, as drugs and alcohol are often used to escape the pain of traumatic experiences. It’s essential to treat the co-occurring trauma and dual diagnosis along with the drug addiction in order to achieve long-lasting recovery. This is a significant consideration when looking at treatment options for our clients. For example, some clients may need more focused attention on coping techniques for stress in their drug addiction treatment program, while others may need more help with socialization.

Treatment methods:

Detox, 12 Steps


Psychological Services

Our staff:
Tim Salyer, Esq.
Tim Salyer, Esq.
Peter Davidson
Peter Davidson
Dr. Preet Joneja
Dr. Preet Joneja
Treatment for: Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Prescription Drugs, Behavioral Addictions, Dual Diagnosis
Licenses: Inpatient
Program for: Adults
Languages: English
Number of beds:
Individual treatment: No
Dual diagnosis: Yes
12 Steps: Yes
Detox: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Price: $23,500

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