World Class Program for Treating Alcohol Addiction in Thailand

Overcoming an alcohol addiction is not just deciding to quit alcohol; it means finding a whole new way of life. Because it is such a life-changing decision, nothing but the best care will do. A world class program with evidence-based methods is the best way to start your journey to sobriety. DARA Thailand offers this world class program to help ease the transition to recovery. Our approach to rehabilitation means that you will be given the individual treatment that you need to transition to a whole new way of life. There is no one-size-fits all approach to addiction, so we offer comprehensive treatment to make sure that you are receiving the best care possible for your specific situation.  

What is Offered in Our World Class Program

DARA therapists are internationally certified to handle your treatment. This allows us to approach your situation with professionalism and care with licensed professionals. It also means that we can offer the most diverse and thoroughly-trained counselors in one location. We offer a multi-faceted, world-class program that means you will be getting the best evidence-based care the world over. Our program includes:  


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based approach that attacks your addiction from a practical standpoint. In fact, there are numerous studies that show the effectiveness of CBT when it comes to improving quality of life and overcoming alcohol addiction. CBT allows you to eventually become your own therapists and develop new ways of thinking about and approaching life. By transforming your thought patterns and unhelpful behaviors, you can transition back into everyday life without needing to use alcohol to cope. CBT also allows you to get personalized care. You can work with one of our certified therapists to come up with your own goals and pinpoint your own thoughts and behavior to find a better way to live your life. By approaching your therapy on a personal level, you will find the tools that you need to cope with life away from alcohol. Under the direction of our certified therapists, you will learn to adopt new thoughts and behaviors to make your life more successful and effective. Apart from making your recovery permanent, CBT will change your life for the better.  

Physical Wellness

Alcohol addiction takes a physical toll on your body. DARA believes the most successful therapy will not only address the mental and emotional effects of addiction, but the physical ones as well. Our multi-faceted approach includes caring for and looking after your physical wellness. Studies point to the effectiveness of including exercise in rehabilitation. Our program includes a comprehensive physical therapy program that allows you to get the most holistic care available. By including movement into our treatment, you will be getting some of the most effective therapy available. Beyond exercise, wellness means taking the time that you need to relax and find peace without the use of alcohol. Our luxurious spa gives you the pampering that you need during this major transition in your life. We have the location and tools that you need to recover in the most lavish environment. By decreasing stress and increasing relaxation, your body will be able to heal from your addiction. Alcohol addiction can sometimes cause very specific nutritional deficiencies.  It is extremely important to nourish your body during recovery to help overcome these deficiencies and find the strength you need to continue therapy. The delicious menu at DARA ensures that you will get all the nutrition that you need while at our facility.  

Individual and Group Therapy

Treatment for alcohol addiction is a path to self-discovery. Our trained and certified counselors can help guide you through the process and make sure that you leave our facility with the tools that you need to take on sobriety in everyday life. With highly individualized therapy, you can get the perspective and help you need to overcome your addiction to alcohol. You will get the time and attention required to work on your recovery. Beyond individual therapy, DARA offers group therapy as well. Many people feel alone on their journey to recovery, so group therapy allows you to heal from your alcohol addiction in a supportive environment with those who understand best: others recovering from alcohol addiction. In fact, studies show that those who receive group therapy are more successful in achieving sobriety. By offering both individual and group therapy with trained therapists, we can offer you the best world class care for treating alcohol addiction.  


Just as there is no one treatment that works for everyone, there is no set amount of time in therapy that works for everyone. Transitioning back into everyday life is a major step and research indicates that those who stay in therapy longer are more successful. Here at DARA we take your treatment very seriously. We take your progress on a very personal level and make sure that you have all of the tools and healing you need before returning home. Our world-class program prepares you for all of the challenges and hurdles you may encounter as you move on with your life. DARA Thailand offers the evidence-based care you need in a luxurious setting. Our world class program gives you the tools and help you need to transition to sobriety. Individualized care by internationally-certified therapists means that you will be receiving the best treatment possible. Do not hesitate in changing your life for the better. Contact Dara Today to get started on the rest of your life. Therapists are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

Dara Thailand - World Class Program

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