Why Good Content Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers Matters

When it comes to marketing for addiction treatment centers, there are two basic approaches from which you can choose. You can either cast a wide net with methods like radio ads or billboards in hopes that a small percentage of those who hear or see the ad need your services, or you can strategically target your ideal prospect with messages and platforms that are most likely going to connect with them where they are.

While there are advantages to both methods, let’s take a closer look at how you can target your advertising through good content marketing. Read on to learn what content marketing for addiction treatment centers is, how you can use it to reach potential clients in every stage of the buyer’s journey, other advantages of content marketing for treatment centers, and how you can avoid common mistakes in your content marketing strategy.


What Is Content Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers? 

Content marketing is an advertising strategy that uses online content such as blogs, videos, and infographics to reach your target audience, drive traffic to your website, and convert strangers to clients. This content could cover a wide variety of relevant topics, including testimonials from program graduates, explanations of specific therapy types, tips for relapse prevention, interviews with your staff, information on the side effects of different drugs, expertise on relevant headlines in the news (like the opioid epidemic or new drug-related legislation), and much more.


Using Content Marketing Throughout the Buyer’s Journey for Addiction Treatment

One of the biggest advantages of using content marketing for an addiction treatment center is the ability to target prospective clients in each stage of the buyer’s journey. For a potential addiction treatment client, the buyer’s journey typically has three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision.

In the awareness stage, addicts are asking questions like, “Is my substance use a problem? How do I know if I’m addicted to drugs or alcohol? What are the signs of addiction or overdose?” Once an addict recognizes a problem, they move into the consideration stage, asking questions such as, “How do I quit this substance? What are the withdrawal symptoms I can expect?” Finally, the addict will move into the decision stage, asking, “Which addiction treatment center is right for me?”

A good content marketing strategy for addiction treatment centers is designed to reach prospects in each of these three stages by addressing the questions they are most likely to be searching online. If you can answer a potential client’s questions (or those of their loved ones) when they are in the awareness and consideration stages, they are far more likely to trust and choose you when they reach the decision stage.


Other Advantages of Content Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers

In addition to reaching prospects in every stage of the buyer’s journey, there are several advantages to a good content marketing strategy for addiction treatment centers. For example, content marketing helps your therapy center reach prospective clients where they are—namely, on social media and in search engine results. Your potential clients are Googling their questions and browsing their favorite social media platforms, and if you’re producing content that appears in those places, you’ll easily build brand awareness with your target market.

Content marketing also helps your center establish authority as a helpful expert in the field. By providing free, high-quality answers and advice to the questions addicts and their loved ones are asking in the forms of blogs, videos, and more, you’re demonstrating that your staff is both highly qualified and eager to help.

Another benefit of content marketing is that it can be much more affordable than traditional marketing. It doesn’t cost anything to publish a blog on your own website, and it’s also free to share content on your social media channels. Even if you pay to boost a post on Facebook or another site, social media advertising is typically a small fraction of the cost of more traditional methods, such as a TV commercial or billboard. 

Finally, content marketing provides plenty of opportunities to recycle great content, giving you more bang for your advertising buck. You can recycle content across mediums by, for example, having a blogger turn your YouTube video into a high-quality written blog post. You can also recycle content over time. Because posts have a very short lifespan in people’s constantly refreshing news feeds, it’s perfectly reasonable to repost your content in a few months and reach a new set of people—without having to actually produce any new content.


Common Mistakes in Content Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers 

As you’re planning your content marketing strategy for an addiction treatment center, there are common mistakes you should be aware of and avoid to really maximize your potential to turn strangers into leads and leads into clients.

Inconsistency - It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new idea or commitment, pump out quality content for a short while, and then let it slip to the back burner. However, consistency is key to establishing your online presence and showing up in search engines. Fight inconsistency by having a particular team member take ownership of this priority (even if the actual production of content is hired out) and plan your upcoming content for a few months at a time.

Poor Quality - You may be tempted to think, “I’ve had a personal Facebook page for years. Content and social media marketing for an addiction treatment center will be easy!” However, there’s more to a good content marketing strategy than slapping up a quick post and calling it a day. Grammar mistakes will reflect poorly on your center’s expertise, and annoying or irrelevant content will lead people to unfollow or hide your page. Resist the urge to cut corners in your content marketing, and hire out if you need to.

Failing to Consider SEO - Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated SEO, is a massive field, but you don’t need to understand every technical aspect of SEO strategy in order to produce strategic content that is easily found online. Start by simply sitting down with your team and brainstorming what your ideal clients and their loved ones are searching online. Once you have a list, plan your content around answering those questions, and strive to use keywords that line up with what you believe your audience is Googling. Use these keywords frequently (and especially in key places like a title and subheadings), but try to keep your verbiage from sounding “stuffed” with repetitive phrasing.


Reach More Addiction Treatment Clients

When executed well, a good content marketing strategy can help your addiction treatment center build brand awareness, reach your ideal client, and grow your online presence. Another simple way to reach more addiction treatment prospects is to list your center with Rehabs Finder, a website and app used by addicts and their families around the world as they seek to find the treatment center that’s right for them.

Just like content marketing, a Rehabs Finder listing allows you to meet your ideal prospect where they already are—searching the directory for a treatment center like yours. Add your treatment center today as the first step of planning a strong content marketing strategy for addiction treatment centers.