Why do people choose a drug rehab center?

Why do people choose a drug rehab center?

In the midst of addiction, whether it is a behavioral addiction, drug addiction, or alcohol addiction, entering a drug rehab center can seem quite scary. All too often, movies portray rehab as a place to detox in a cold, dark room with a single lightbulb or a place where everyone loves talking endlessly about their feelings while sitting in a circle of hard plastic chairs.


Neither of those images seem particularly appealing, so it’s understandable that some addicts may be tempted to self-treat at home to avoid entering rehab. However, this fear is based on misconceptions about drug rehab. In this blog, we are going to share why more and more people are choosing to enter rehab for two reasons: self-treatment can be even more intimidating than entering rehab and rehab at Hawaiian Island Recovery provides a far better experience than either of those false movie depictions.


Dangers of Self-Treatment

Although the thought of pursuing self-treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home may be appealing, this choice can actually make your road to recovery far more difficult. First, you’ll have to go through detox alone. The symptoms of detox are oftentimes painful, and many find it impossible to overcome cravings and the urge to return to their drug use to stop the painful detox symptoms. In some cases, detox can even be fatal, making self-treatment dangerous. At a rehab center like Hawaiian Island Recovery, medical professionals offer a medically supervised detox. This helps ensure your safety and gives you access to medicine and other support to ease the discomfort of your detox symptoms.


If you do manage to get through detox alone, the journey to recovery isn’t over. You’ll want help discovering and dealing with the underlying root causes of your addictive behavior. A rehab center provides much-needed support in knowing your triggers and healing from past traumas that may have led to your addiction.


When you try to self-treat at home, it is exceedingly difficult to separate yourself from the lifestyle and relationships that have supported your addiction in the past. By removing yourself and entering a new community at a rehab center, you will receive the support you need to create new, healthy relationships for a sober lifestyle that continues once you finish rehab.


There is a lot riding on your recovery. Your professional career, family life, relationships, and physical health are all affected by your addiction and journey to recovery. You don’t have to carry that burden alone. Find out why more and more people are trusting a drug rehab center like Hawaiian Island Recovery with their recovery.


Creative Rehab Solutions

When you enter a rehab center like Hawaiian Island Recovery, you will be partaking in scientifically proven methods for treating addiction. There is far more to rehab than sitting in a circle to talk about your feelings like the movies may have you believe.


In fact, there is a wide range of creative rehab solutions that you can benefit from when you choose to enter a rehab center rather than self-treat at home. Do you suffer from addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder? Hawaiian Island Recovery can help you manage, treat, and heal from both. Did you undergo significant childhood trauma that continues to affect your mental health? Discover the power of EMDR to achieve complete healing and move towards healing.


Hawaiian Island Recovery also offers animal assisted therapy, where you can have life-changing, personal encounters with dolphins or horses as part of your journey towards recovery. Wild dolphin encounters are beautifully unpredictable and uncontrolled. Many Hawaiian Island Recovery participants find the encounter to be a metaphor for their own lives and a helpful tool in expressing their emotions and beliefs as they address their mental health issues and addictive behavior.


Those who opt to self-treat at home often struggle with drug relapse. At Hawaiian Island Recovery, participants benefit from relapse prevention therapy. This gives residents the tools they need to enjoy the freedom of sobriety for the rest of their lives.


Hawaiian Island Recovery Has Proven Results

As people understand that Hollywood’s depictions of rehab centers are off-base and begin to see the potential to finally break free of their addiction with the help of a rehab center, more and more addicts are looking for the right rehab center to support their journey. Many are excited to find out about Hawaiian Island Recovery, where 69% of clients remain sober for more than a year following their completion of the program.


Hawaiian Island Recovery provides a discreet, comfortable location where residents can get away and focus on getting the help they need apart from the stress and pressure of their daily lives. With only eight beds available, each resident receives personalized care for the duration of their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program. Relapse prevention therapy and recovery coaching equips and supports residents as they pursue long-term sobriety.




Entering a drug rehab center may seem scary at first, but in reality, self-treatment is a far more overwhelming path to recovery. Residents at Hawaiian Island Recovery benefit from medical detox, a strong support system, and life-changing experiences as they pursue recovery.



Are you trying to determine if drug rehab is right for you? Call Hawaiian Island Recovery today to discover why more and more addicts are choosing therapy at HIR over self-treatment.