Why Choose DARA for Marijuana Addiction Treatment

With the increasingly widespread social and legal acceptance, marijuana use is more common than ever. However, many people do not realize the dangers of marijuana addiction. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the US. Its popularity is due to the various forms that it can be consumed and relaxed state it produces. Although it is popular, marijuana has not been thoroughly studied for its risks and side effects. Many find themselves unable to break their addiction to marijuana and unsure of the consequences their addiction could bring. DARA can help. We offer a comprehensive marijuana addiction program to help users break their addiction in a private and luxurious setting.  

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Contrary to common belief, marijuana can be an addictive substance for some. In fact, a recent study found that 30% of users have some level of dependency. This number is even higher if started in adolescence: those who start using marijuana before the age of 18 are four to seven times more likely to become dependent on it. Addiction to marijuana is sometimes overlooked because the effects are not as dramatic and detrimental as other drugs, such as heroin or cocaine. However, those who are trapped in the cycle of dependency on marijuana experience negative side effects, such as lowered IQ, insomnia, and a change in brain structure. Marijuana addiction or dependency can be dangerous as well. Although it is unlikely that marijuana overdose could ever possibly occur, overall risk of death increases during intoxication. Reckless behavior and car accidents are far more likely to occur under the influence of marijuana. In addition to the physical risks of getting high, marijuana addiction can seriously impact the user’s ability to live a fulfilling life. Those who have an addiction often suffer in their career and academics. It can interfere with their relationships with loved ones as well. Not only can marijuana have a negative impact on the user’s life, but many who suffer from addiction find it hard to quit. Just like any drug, the withdrawal and detox can be difficult to experience without professional help. Some symptoms of marijuana withdrawal include:  

Symptoms of marijuana

  In addition to the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, many who are recovering from addiction need to learn coping skills to manage their lives. Most addicts turn to their substance of choice in order to handle the pressures of everyday life. By seeking professional help, they have a better chance are maintaining their sobriety and living a more fulfilling life.  

Dara for Marijuana Addiction

If you are struggling with addiction to marijuana, DARA can help you get your life back. Their facilities understand and take marijuana addiction seriously. DARA's counselors are trained from around the world to give you the professional help that you need. Their treatment approach is evidence-based in order to give you the best tools for sobriety. It is CBT- based to give an individualized, effective and caring approach to overcoming your marijuana addiction. In addition to their highly trained staff, they can offer you a place to heal from your addiction in tranquility at our spa-like facilities.

Located in Thailand, DARA has all of the amenities of a resort. The road to sobriety is unique for every person, so we offer a wide range of treatments for your specific needs. In addition to CBT, Dara also offer physical wellness, individual and group therapy to provide more holistic care. You will also receive the down time and evening check-in you need in order to receive the most complete care. Not only will you receive the care that you need at DARA, but they provide family therapy as well.


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"In our Family Systems Model, your loved ones will also receive the help and support that they need in order to encourage your recovery. We thoroughly believe that addiction affects more than the addict and make sure that every individual gets the help that he or she needs."


A deterrent for many marijuana addicts is the embarrassment and potential backlash that seeking therapy might have. They worry that once their employers, doctors, or loved ones find out that they have a problem there may be repercussions, whether being passed over for a promotion or being the subject of other’s gossip. At DARA, though, they can offer complete privacy and anonymity so you can concentrate on recovery. Unless you decide to tell someone, you can achieve sobriety from marijuana addiction in solitude.

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Lastly, many choose not to receive help from their marijuana addiction because they are worried about the cost. However, they offer luxurious and effective treatment at the most affordable rates of any all-inclusive facilities.

Dara location in Thailand means that they can give you the best of care for less than many others. They believe that money should not be an object in getting the help you need to achieve a life of sobriety. Do not hesitate: if marijuana is starting to take over your life, contact DARA today.

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