Treatment Spotlight: Dolphin Therapy, Holistic Health, and Adolescents

Treatment Spotlight: Dolphin Therapy, Holistic Health, and Adolescents

Making the choice to enter rehab isn’t easy. Sifting through thousands upon thousands of results in a Google search to find the right treatment center certainly doesn’t make it any easier. The Rehabs Finder app is committed to making your search—and therefore your journey to recovery—as easy as possible. The app allows you to search through a list of pre-approved rehab centers by treatment type, location, price, and much more.

You’ll find a variety of treatment methods and rehab centers that provide them, and all have been approved by the Rehabs Finder team. Today, we are highlighting three of the possible treatment methods you may choose and rehab centers that offer them.


Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy at Hawaiian Island Recovery

Did you know that some treatment centers allow you the opportunity to swim with dolphins? At Hawaiian Island Recovery (HIR), residents participate in dolphin assisted psychotherapy. These aren’t trained dolphins in captivity, but wild dolphins who choose to interact with you when they could swim away. The power of a moment like that can have a lasting positive impact on your recovery.

On their website, HIR explains, “To look a wild dolphin in the eye is to feel the presence of something extraordinary. That is what will define your WDAP [Wild Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy] experience, what YOU feel at that moment. Maybe it will transform you, ignite feelings of joy, aliveness, gratitude, and calm. The experience is yours to uniquely discover.”

You, like many participants, may find the encounter to be a metaphor for your own life. The experience often serves as a helpful tool in expressing the emotions and beliefs that arise when addressing mental health issues and addictive behavior.

To find other proven treatment centers that incorporate dolphins (or horses!) into their treatment methods, search for Animal Assisted Therapy centers using the Rehabs Finder app.


Holistic Treatment at Ambrosia Treatment Center

Substance abuse and addiction puts a great deal of stress on your mind, body, and spirit. At Ambrosia Treatment Center, residents participate in Holistic Treatment to pursue healing of all three.

Holistic Treatment includes designated times for learning yoga and relaxation techniques, therapeutic acupuncture and massage, meditation and self-reflection, and sober fellowship activities. Not only is this a relaxing and pleasant method of treatment, but it also has proven benefits for your recovery.

You’ll learn the power of spiritual healing as you discover a healthy way to overcome the effects of everyday stress on your body and mind. Treat your body with much-needed relief from the physical pains of drugs and detox while treating your mind with new practices for identifying and counteracting harmful beliefs.

Holistic Treatment will help you form healthy habits, increase your strength and confidence, and equip you with support for the long-term journey of sobriety. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people who will walk alongside you during and after treatment, you’ll discover you’re capable of more than you ever imagined.

Search Holistic Therapy in the Rehabs Finder app for more rehab centers that provide this powerful and relaxing treatment method.


Teen Addiction Treatment at Visions Residential

Perhaps you’re not looking for a rehab center for yourself, but are longing for support in helping your adolescent recognize and overcome substance abuse. Visions Residential offers Teen Addiction Treatment that is customized to fit the needs of your child.

At Visions, teens from 13 to 18 years old can spend 45 to 90 days in Malibu, California, where they will gain the tools they need to address and overcome the effects that drug or alcohol addiction are having on their lives. This rehab center prides itself on providing a “home-like, family feeling that expresses a sense of warmth and security”.

Participants have access to a wide range of health specialists, from medical doctors to psychiatrists, dietitians to equine therapists, art therapists to counselors, and everything in between. Visions focuses on recovery from mental health disorders, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders.

While adults may have the opportunity to take an extended leave of absence from employment and their daily life, teenagers do not often have that same luxury. That’s why teen treatment centers like Visions provide adjunct services, such as an on-site school, physical fitness program, nutritional services, and more. Families will also benefit from family treatment sessions to rebuild what has been lost in the battle against mental health disorders or substance abuse.

At Visions, all of this treatment takes place in a gated, rural community that is inaccessible to the public, purposefully designed to keep residents safe and discourage runaways.

If you’re struggling to find the right treatment center for your teen, Rehabs Finder can help. Simply search by “treatment for adolescent” within the app.



There are many different methods of treatment available to you or your loved one. The team at Rehabs Finder believes those options should be empowering, not overwhelming. To learn more about the centers featured here and search for other rehab centers that provide these methods of treatment, download the Rehabs Finder app today. Our filters and pre-approved list of centers will make it easy for you to select and contact the best treatment choice for you and your family.