The 3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Entering Drug Rehab

The 3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Entering Drug Rehab

You’ve started searching for rehab centers and browsing options on Rehabs Finder, but you just can’t shake this nagging worry in the back of your mind. Are you truly ready for this? Do you have what it takes to embark on the journey towards recovery and sobriety?

Take a deep breath and relax. There are very few things you need to do in order to be ready for rehab, and they can all be summed up in just three questions. Once you answer the following questions, you’re ready to turn the page on a new chapter in your life.

1. Have I told everyone who needs to know?

Of course, you’ll want to tell your loved ones that you’ll be going away for a short period of time. You may be embarrassed to admit your struggle, but there’s a very good chance that they already know—most of us aren’t as good at hiding our addiction as we like to believe. 

Next, you’ll want to make sure your boss knows. Your job is legally protected for up to 12 weeks under the Family and Medical Leave Act, but you can’t just disappear without warning. Inform your company that you’ll be taking medical leave, and do what you can to prepare your coworkers and clients for your absence.

If you’re taking college courses, you may want to contact your school about taking a semester off from your studies. By making your recovery a priority now, you’ll be prepared to give your schoolwork the attention it deserves later. 

Finally, if you have any legal issues or pending court dates, be sure to speak with your attorney before you leave. He or she can help you notify the courts and make necessary arrangements to avoid breaking the law with an unexplained absence.


2. What responsibilities do I have, and who can cover them in my absence?

Get organized and make a list of all the bills that will need to be paid while you’re away. Set up automatic payments or enlist a trustworthy friend or family member to pay them on your behalf. Don’t make your post-rehab transition harder by setting yourself up for disconnected utilities, late payment fees, or an eviction notice. 

You’ll also want to consider any pets, children, or elderly parents in your care. Find appropriate caregivers, and be open and honest with your loved ones about where you’re going and when you’ll return. Resist the tendency to feel guilty about temporarily leaving those in your care. Rehab will equip and empower you to provide the best possible care to others, but you have to get healthy first.


3. Am I mentally and emotionally committed to the journey ahead?

Your time in rehab will be full of new experiences. Individual and group therapy will require you to open up about your past, your emotions, and your belief systems. Make sure you’re emotionally and mentally prepared for those conversations so that you can arrive to rehab with an open mind.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about this aspect of your journey, be intentional about taking time to relax. Get a massage, practice yoga, enjoy the comforts of home, and spend time with loved ones. These are all healthy ways to combat stress as you prepare for recovery.

You may also consider starting a journal to help process your fears, worries, and thoughts during this season. This is a healthy practice that you can continue once you arrive at rehab. Plus, you’ll be able to look back in a few years and reflect on all you learned throughout this life changing experience.

Remember that you don’t have to do this journey alone. There is support available to you even before you enter rehab. Lean on loved ones who can support you, speak with a trusted pastor or mentor, and call your rehab center for advice. Let others come alongside you and cheer you on as you take this brave step towards a happier, healthier future.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Once you’ve told those who need to know about your absence, made plans to cover your responsibilities, and committed emotionally to the journey ahead, you’re ready for rehab. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back any longer—you can do this, and your future self will thank you for it.

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