Relieve Drug Rehab Marketing Woes With Rehabs Finder Smartphone Application

Ranking on Google's first page is difficult but not impossible. Drug programs marketing is continuously worried about changes to Google's algorithm and SEO. One aspect of SEO  that never changes is link building. Validating your drug rehab by registering with an external app such as Rehabs Finder builds a trusted link. Not only does this help in regards to SEO, but listing your program on Rehabs Finder positions your drug program on an application used solely by the target market and its advocates.


Ranking high on search engines


Many drug rehab marketing companies will claim that their search engine optimization tactics will increase your ranking. Nonetheless, it takes time using safe SEO practices.

Ranking higher on Google has never been more critical for drug rehabs. But you might find that you need to learn all that goes into efficiently publishing great content, sharing it with your audience, and building a relationship with your readers.

The fact is SEO is difficult because it's an organism. SEO is in a constant stage of change by scouring the internet for more valuable content to put out in front of those searching.


Digital content marketing requires a plan of action and time.


According to MarketWatch  there were 14.5K drug rehabs in the United States. The correlation here is that 14.5K websites for substance abuse treatment are competing for the same keywords. The above research doesn't include addiction blogs. Rising above such a busy marketplace is demanding.


New websites and blogs are added to the internet daily. Each of these sites is aiming to use the same keywords and keyword phrase as yours to rank on search engines, especially since Google banned PPC advertising.


By making this decision about PPC, Google illustrates it’s stance on ethical online marketing practices for drug rehabs. By choosing to rethink the selling of PPC advertising for drug rehabs, Google has strengthened the case for valuable content as king.


There have been countless blog articles, books, and webinars about search engine optimization (SEO). One definition of SEO, to someone new to online marketing, is that it is a system of processes a web publisher uses to rank content to increase its odds of appearing higher on organic searches.


In short, it's how your site gets to Google’s first page.


One aspect of SEO is link building which is a positive step to validate the content on your site Google. Google feels that links to your content prove your site is valuable, thus helping the content published by your substance abuse program to move up in rank. Google’s algorithm takes note of drug rehabs that have taken the time to build links with other reputable sources online.


You can  get links back to your site by

l   Joining an organization

l  Listing your program in a directory

l  Using press releases

l  Adding guest posts

l  Publishing factual content that is resourceful


Another way to validate your site through linking is by registering your program with an outside source or application.


Rehabs Finder is just that application. Rehabs Finder is a downloadable application for the use of finding drug rehabs based on individual criteria of the person performing the search.


It’s easy to register and its free. If you choose, a premium membership is available for purchase, but it's not needed. The fact that it's downloadable makes it easier to use, and it quickly puts your drug rehab in front of the target market.

Source: Rehabs Finder App | website 



Here are 3 reasons why you should register your substance abuse program with Rehabs Finder.


1. Gets your drug rehab in front of the target market


No doubt about it; the internet is busy.


Content marketing requires patience and a set plan to reach the target audience. Publishing valuable content and nurturing relationships with your target audience aides in building links back to your program's website.


Registering for an app such as Rehabs Finder changes the arena. You’ll still be competing with other drug rehabs, but ranking for local SEO becomes easily targeted.


Local SEO is taking the necessary steps to ensure your website ranks in applications and online using the locality of your drug rehab. Getting listed locally also aides in voice search optimization. Linking your program to an App aimed aides in providing a valuable link back to your website.


2. Downloadable application

Download the Rehabs Finder App

Download the Rehabs Finder App | App Store 


There’s no doubt about it; people are busy. An application like Rehabs Finder does the hard work for those who advocate for your substance abuse program. Most substance abuse treatment admissions come from referrals from an outside source, such as:


l  Criminal justice

l  Schools

l  School services


Take a moment to think about the last time you analyzed the traffic coming to your website. What is the percentage of other professionals inquiring for more information about your program? Many times another professional is researchinga drug rehab to refer a client too.


Registering with a downloadable application takes the search engine out of the equation. Referral agencies can easily plug in the criteria to match a client to a program in one easy step.


Rehabs Finder helps your program sidestep search engines making it easier for you to engage with your target market.


3. Ease of use


Building a link to your website is free and easy with Rehab Finder. You can register for rehab finder in a couple of quick steps.



free sign up your addiction treatment center | Rehabs Finder App 

Register your addiction treatment center for free | Rehabs Finder Sign Up Page


Follow this link to register your drug treatment program, and you're registered. It's that easy.


download the rehabs finder app



Fill out the form and click- register.


This will bring you to the next page will assist you in filling out the information needed to complete your registration.


Registration includes a photo, keywords, services  (age, gender), location, and phone number.


It couldn’t get any easier to be registered with an application helping those in need of finding substance abuse treatment services.


Plus, building a qualified link back to your website.


Get out in front of your qualified leads today by registering for Rehabs Finder.

Over to you-

Marketing online has evolved. You can be part of this revolution. Take the time to make a plan to start publishing valuable content your target market will find relevant and entertaining.


Rehabs Finder is a valuable Application to help those struggling with a substance abuse disorder locate drug treatment. Get out in front of your target audience and brand advocates by registering your treatment program on the application.


Building a link and nurturing your readers doesn't have to be difficult. Let Rehab’s finder get you in front of the unique readers looking for your drug rehab today.


Follow this link today and register.  Free and premium accounts available.