Rehabs Finder App Outperforms Search Engines for Those Seeking Treatment

Rehabs Finder App Outperforms Search Engines for Those Seeking Treatment

When you’re already facing personal obstacles to recovery, don’t let search engine frustrations be yet another deterrent from finding the help you need. Instead of freezing in indecision when your Google search for “drug rehab” turns up nearly 5 million results, see why the new Rehabs Finder App is outperforming search engines for those seeking treatment for various addictions.


The Shortfalls of Search Engines in Finding Drug Treatment Centers

Although Google and other search engines do a great job of constantly refining their methods to keep legitimate websites at the top of your results list, they can’t vouch for the people behind a website. The burden is on you to work your way through the many options to determine which treatment centers are reputable, trustworthy, and proven to work.

Once you start clicking around each center’s site, you’ll quickly find that each website is laid out differently. The information you’re looking for will be hidden in different places each time—or may not be available at all. You may try keeping a notebook or spreadsheet handy to organize what you find, but this process is time-consuming and overwhelming in a time when you need trustworthy information immediately.

Once you decide to contact a center you find through a search engine, you’ll also have to do some research to determine your best step forward, as “next steps” are sometimes unclear on a website. There are often multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and contact forms available. Without a clear next step, it’s easy to close your web browser and give up all together. 

Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to find the help you need.


Valuable Resources Found in the Rehabs Finder App

The Rehabs Finder team understands how important it is to find a treatment center you can trust—that’s why they personally screen and select the very best treatment centers in the nation to be included in the app’s database. Where search engines measure the quality of a website, the Rehabs Finder team of professionals measures the quality of the treatment center itself. 

The Rehabs Finder app makes it easier than ever before to customize your search based on the preferences that matter most to you. Would you rather participate in dolphin therapy on a Hawaiian island or equine therapy in the Rocky Mountains? Sort Rehabs Finder’s prescreened list of treatment centers by location, price, size, and more with a simple tap of the finger, and save your preferences to easily repeat searches in the future. 

Are you looking for a treatment center that will be covered by your health insurance? Instead of digging through the website of every treatment center on Google, simply filter your results in the Rehabs Finder app to browse those who accept insurance. 

Once you’ve found the perfect treatment center for you, simply tap a button in the app to call the center right away, or easily click over to their website for even more information.

The Rehabs Finder App is always up to date, putting the latest information directly into the palm of your hand. App installation is quick and easy—and absolutely free—when you download it from the app store.



Quick, Easy, Free

When it comes to finding the right treatment center to help you in your journey to recovery, the Rehabs Finder app simply outperforms search engines across the board. If you’re looking for a simple solution in your search for a trustworthy and reputable recovery center, download the Rehabs Finder app today or visit the Rehabs Finder website to learn more. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s totally free!