Rehabs Finder App Is an Invaluable Resource When Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center

Making the decision to seek treatment for addiction doesn’t come easily. Often the realization comes after years of struggle and heartache, and at great cost to your health and relationships. So, where do you turn when you or your loved one is ready to begin the personal journey to recovery? The first step in this process is often going online and searching “drug rehabs” or “treatment center near me.” Suddenly, what seemed like a simple inquiry instantly yields thousands of results, and you may find yourself frozen with indecision and no clue how to proceed in choosing the best rehab center. The good news is that there are more resources and rehabs than ever before. On the other hand, the vast number of resources can often be a deterrent from finding the help you need. When you’re already faced with obstacles to recovery, don’t let search engine frustrations be another hurdle to finding an addiction treatment center. Read on to see how the Rehab Finders App can help eliminate information overload and direct you to the help you need when facing the decision to seek addiction treatment.  

What is the Rehabs Finder App?

The Rehabs Finder App was created to allow users to search for treatment centers quickly, outperforming search engines by letting you pinpoint the perfect rehab, narrowing them down based on what you are looking for in a facility. Users can filter results by gender, age, type of addiction, insurance, special treatment methods, medical detox, language, and more. While search engines have some tools in place to measure the quality of a website, the Rehabs Finder team goes a step further by measuring the quality of the treatment center itself, eliminating the burden of you having to determine which rehab centers are reputable, trustworthy, and proven to work.  



How to Find Addiction Treatment Centers Using the Rehab Finders App

Before using Rehab Finders App, you may seek an addiction treatment center by searching “treatment centers near me” and then haphazardly click on various recommended sites for rehab centers. It quickly becomes apparent that each website is laid out differently, and the information you need may be hidden in different places on each site or may not even be available at all. You may try to organize what you find, but this process is time-consuming and overwhelming when you need trustworthy information immediately. Perhaps you decide to forgot this process and contact the centers directly; even then, there are often multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and contact forms available. Without a clear next step, it’s easy to close your web browser and give up all together. Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to find the help you need. With the Rehabs Finder app, there are three simple steps to start your journey to recovery:

  1. Go to the app store, search for Rehabs Finder, and click to download the free app.
  2. Filter prescreened facilities based on treatment methods, type of addiction, facility size, gender, and more.
  3. Sort your results by price, size, distance, or state and choose the best match for you.

Once you’ve found the perfect treatment center for you, simply tap a button in the app to call the center right away, or easily click over to their website for even more information. It’s quick, easy, and completely free!  

Filter prescreened facilities

Rehabs Finder App Filters Are a Simple Solution to Addiction Treatment Search

Every person seeking recovery is unique and has specific needs. You can save valuable time with the Rehabs Finder App by not having to sift through the rehab centers that do not match your specifications. Some may cater to certain genders or age groups, and others specialize in treatment of specific addictions. The Rehabs Finder App allows you to narrow down your choices based on what you are looking for in a facility and to save them for later review. One factor to consider while searching for a rehab is what sort of therapy you are interested in seeking. For example, are you looking for a 12 step program or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Traditional detox or an alternative treatment? The Rehabs Finder App can help you find facilities that offer massage, art therapy, and meditation as well as more traditional therapy to meet your needs and unique personality. As research on drug and alcohol addiction is growing, rehabs are offering more alternative methods to complement their evidence-based treatment. In addition, many find holistic therapies are helpful in easing the discomfort of detox and finding helpful coping mechanisms apart from addiction. If you are looking for more alternative therapies from your rehab, there is no easier way than searching through the Rehabs Finder App. Location is also extremely important when considering a rehab center. For some, being close to family and friends is essential. However, others may find the need to break away from destructive relationships and environments, or may want anonymity and privacy while in recovery. Perhaps you don’t have a particular state in mind; you can also search for centers located by an ocean, in the wilderness, or near the conveniences of a town. Narrowing down rehab locations is a simple process using the Rehabs Finder App. Are you concerned about the price of rehab treatment? There is an option that allows you to specifically filter rehabs based on their cost. Many facilities also accept insurance, so you can narrow your search accordingly. There are facilities for every budget consideration, and the Rehab Finders App makes it simple to find one you can afford.  

Downloading Rehabs Finder App: The First Step in Seeking Addiction Treatment

Choosing an addiction treatment center no longer has to be an overwhelming and disheartening process. The Rehabs Finder App is the ultimate resource for deciding where you or your loved one can get help. By compiling all the most up to date information in one place and putting it into the palm of your hand, it is easy to narrow down the perfect facility for your needs. Do not hesitate to take the first step today. Download the Rehabs Finder App today and start your journey to recovery now!  


Download the Rehabs Finder App