Increase Brand Awareness & Establish Rapport With For Drug Rehab Lead Generation

Increase Brand Awareness & Establish Rapport With For Drug Rehab Lead Generation

Drug rehab lead generation allows your treatment center to nurture and build rapport with your community.

In the United States, the opioid epidemic grows in size daily. On average 175 people are dying a day. In USA Today, Mississippi's former Attorney General Mike Moore compares the fatalities to a 747 falling out of the skies each day. Moore adds if a plane fell from the sky each day, “we’d shut the skies down until we figured out the problem,”

The opioid epidemic is creating staggering death tolls. We don't have the option to turn it off.

What you can do is publish content that educates and informs the public. The more content you create and share will generate leads for your drug rehab.

A lead generation strategy to aid those suffering from an opiate addiction will

  • Build brand awareness,
  • Create a sense of trust
  • Establish authority from your community

Hubspot defines Lead Generation as,

Rehabs finder uses a screenshot of Hubspot's definition for the term lead generation



A lead for a drug rehab is

  • a person diagnosed with a substance use disorder (SUD) and needs your service,
  • a family member or advocate of those diagnosed with a substance use disorder
  • professionals in the field as part of your referral network
  • advocates aligned with spreading your drug rehabs unique and valuable content.

When you decide to combine content marketing for lead generation keep in mind:

  1. Lead generation is not a quick fix. It takes time and consistency to see positive returns on investments (ROI). Publishing consistent content will raise brand awareness and generate leads.
  2. Create a system to track return on investments. Knowing what your target audiences desires of your content will show your audience how to know, like, and trust your brand.

A strategy for drug rehab lead generation must start with research

Successful marketing campaigns begin with research. When using a digital marketing strategy it's vital, to begin with, research. You have to know the who what where when and why of your target audience.

  • Who are the different personas your drug rehab serves?
  • What is specific to each segment of your audience (demographics, biological, psychological differences)
  • Where does your target audience spend time online (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • How do you plan on joining into their conversations and interact with them?
  • The why is always the most important reason and the foundation of your value statement. Why is your drug rehab the best to serve each segment of your audience?


A simple strategy for drug rehab lead generation

Digital content marketing doesn't happen overnight. Create a plan to publish content and build brand awareness.

As your brand grows so does your amount of different leads. Over time your brand's authority will increase. Consistency is key to nurturing relationships. Create long-lasting relationships with leads interested in learning how you will aide in their recovery.

A strategy to start generating unique leads is a process. Client Curve illustrated the lead generation process in this flowchart.


The image above demonstrates the lead generation funnel:


1- Attract new prospects to your web or landing page

Your drug rehabs attract persons in your community diagnosed with a SUD by publishing relevant content. Get your content out in front of your target audience.

Types of content to offer prospects include:

  • Blog posts, case studies, or podcasts,
  • Paid advertising, PPC, Facebook ads, or sponsored ads,
  • Web page and most important your landing pages
  • Once you've analyzed and researched your audience it’s time to publish content. It's vital to host the content your target audience wants to connect with on yours or other websites.


2- Engage prospects to complete call-to-action (lead generation)

You engage the prospect by keeping marketing messages consistent. Drive qualified leads towards stand-alone landing pages. Once you have the prospect of your landing page, continue to nurture trust. Keep in mind how the lead got to your landing page and continue to provide content that offers a solution.

Create a landing page so you can promote your treatment centers solution for the specific issue, person or challenge taking place in your prospects live.

A stand-alone landing page aimed at one segment of your audience and one common barrier works best to nurture a lead.

On your landing page, you'll urge a prospect to complete your call-to-action. It might be download information, attend an event, or make a phone call to an intake coordinator. Therefore, your landing page must have just one call. One message for one challenge with only one option to take your call-to-action. The main purpose of your landing page is to collect information and create a list of qualified leads.

The purpose of your landing page is to collect substantial leads for your facility. Use this quick formula for collecting email addresses of your leads:

  1. Create a stand-alone landing page
  2. Put together an opt-in form
  3. Provide a relevant download in the form of a whitepaper, checklist, or infographic
  4. Exchange this piece of information for an opportunity to nurture a lead.
  5. Empower the lead to know, like, and trust your brand.


List of Unique Leads

Your stand-alone landing page is vital to your lead generation efforts.


3- Assist new leads (nurture) to overcome barriers to treatment.

Your actions don't always result in an immediate intake phone call. Content marketing messages nurture leads about your programs message, process, and mission. Use email marketing, and social media marketing to send your unique leads to your blog. Your blog is a powerful tool in nurturing your leads. Your drug rehab can nurture leads to overcome barriers and educate how to live life in recovery.

One desired goal of drug rehab lead generation is to put your brand out in front of your target audience. Seeing that you've built a list, you can now start nurturing those unique leads in your community. The prospect will learn to know like and trust your treatment facility.

The results of your lead nurturing are:

  • Educate and inform those diagnosed with a substance use disorder
  • Empower those with a SUD to seek treatment at your drug rehab
  • Ease worry and fear of family loved ones and colleagues
  • Nurture a professional referral network in your community
  • Leverage your authority and influence as an industry leader.
  • Create a network of advocates and ambassadors aligned with your unique value proposition.
Positive returns result from a consistent action. Successful lead generation campaigns follow a publishing schedule because it creates more trust. Stability builds lasting relationships. Offering your new leads information vital to learning to live life in recovery,
The last step in the funnel is to convert the lead as a customer or a vital professional in your referral network.

4- Convert and satisfy new drug rehab leads

The last step in the funnel is to convert the lead from prospect to the opportunity to serve. In other words, you'll see a positive return on your investment. Lead generation is about filling beds to keep the doors open so you can save more lives. Addiction marketing doesn't have to be a negative word. Making money to keep your doors open and serving the community is part of the business.
So, converting leads into patients is critical. Keeping your leads engaged and entertained starts the process. When your leads crave to learn more about your treatment center you can feel great about your marketing efforts.
Neil Patel writes when your audience interacts and engages with your content the more conversions you'll notice.
The number of conversions is dependent on many variables. Spend time to nurture leads, be genuine, and transparent in your marketing messages. Find new ways to interact with your leads. Create optimal experiences to nurture treatment leads. Assist your community in battling the opioid crisis with purposeful and valuable content.


Over to You

How are you using lead generation for your drug rehabs marketing?
Drug rehab lead generation can take different paths. Create a strategy to help your target audience engage with your treatment program.
Follow this general framework and start generating new leads for your drug rehab.
Creating a strategy for lead generation. Always keep in mind the quality and value of your content is what makes the difference. The more value you provide determines the strength of the bond you form. Build applications, such as Rehabs Finder to add to this value.