How to Promote Addiction Treatment Centers in 2018

Few things are as rewarding as helping others live their best lives. Addiction is an obstacle plaguing a large percentage of today’s society, and bridging the gap between the public and rehabilitation centers is paramount in making treatment available on a larger scale. With the internet, technology, and social media, it’s easier for those struggling with addiction to seek help than ever before; and these are some ways to promote treatment centers so 2018 can be a successful year of recovery for even more individuals.


Social Media

Social media has become the backbone of widespread information, and taking advantage of potential virality is one of the best ways for any treatment center to garner attention. Utilizing social media means much more than creating a profile on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Publishing content that not only intrigues, but engages your audience, is what prompts them to share or respond to what they’re seeing.

One of the most important factors to consider in 2018 is how many social media companies have become more diligent in combatting the numerous spam accounts circulating in cyberspace. As such, organic reach – that is, potential readers or clients who will come across your social media content on their own – has been on the decline, and investing in paid advertising is a necessity in terms of reaching more people.

Videos have also become the leading method of attracting and engaging potential customers. To promote treatment centers, high-quality video testimonials are a fantastic way to gain more attention in 2018. Word of mouth has always been at the forefront of marketing and advertising, and videos can offer a more personal approach that is especially critical when dealing with sensitive topics like addiction and recovery.

Try live streaming an interview with a counselor or successful patient on either Facebook or Instagram, or take advantage of the Instagram Story feature, which allows you to show a video or photo to your audience and link that content directly to your company website. Get creative, and aim to strike that perfect balance with information that is entertaining, yet informative.


The Rehabs Finder App

Rehabs Finder App is a handy app available on iOS devices that enables patients to find their own treatment center according to their personal criteria. Patients can search for help based on a wide range of addictions such as drugs, alcohol, food, and prescriptions, along with behavioral, mental, and physical afflictions like chronic pain, PTSD, physical abuse, sexual abuse, depression, and anxiety. This is especially helpful for treatment centers that deal with specific ailments, or those targeting a niche demographic. Patients may also select multiple areas in which they’re struggling, and Rehabs Finder will match them with treatment centers that can help in multiple areas of that person’s life.

By having your treatment center listed on Rehabs Finder, you will be aligned with some of the world’s top locations that have built a reputation for creating unique and effective paths to sobriety. Some notable treatment centers include Hawaii Island Recovery, Dara Thailand, and Moving Forward in England.


Content Marketing

With Google’s restriction on many alcohol-related online advertisements, 2018 is a year when treatment centers will need to rely heavily on content marketing. Rehabs Finder can help to promote treatment centers by developing content for websites that contains valuable information for your target demographic. Elementary forms of marketing such as keywords and catchy headlines will still work in your favor; but with so many endless streams of information circulating the web, it’s imperative for rehab centers to curate enough quality content to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, first impressions are everything, and you want your website to capture potential customers within the first few seconds of them landing on your homepage. The Rehabs Finder website, for example, presents an attractive yet clean layout that is easy to read and navigate. Each section and header are concise, there’s no lengthy descriptions to read, and site visitors know exactly what the Rehabs Finder mission is – to promote treatment centers by pairing them with the people who need their services.


Free Online Seminars

If you’re already well-versed in social media and content marketing, then offering free online seminars to your audience can be a great way to build website traffic, engagement, and interest. Of course, nothing compares to the experience of removing oneself from their environment and focusing on recovery in a completely different space. The objective of a complimentary seminar can be a teaser or intro to what patients can look forward to if they choose to check into your treatment center.

Example of free seminar | Hawaii Island Recovery

Introduce viewers to your methods of rehabilitation, have successful patients share their own advice to future visitors, advise viewers on how to prepare for their treatment away from home, or offer some practical tips for outpatients. Providing some complimentary takeaways is essential, not only for promoting your treatment center, but for establishing your facility as a knowledgeable organization that cares about their community.

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