How to Find a Drug Rehab Using the App

Choosing to find a drug rehab for an addiction is anything but easy. You may find yourself at the end of your rope—jobless, friendless, and no idea where to turn. But there is hope for you or your loved one… you just need to take the first step. There are countless addiction treatment centers located all across the world, but where do you turn to find the help that you need? Addiction often brings feelings of shame and embarrassment which causes most people to feel uncomfortable asking friends or family for advice or recommendations.


In today’s digital age, the first step is usually doing a Google search on how to find a drug rehab. Unfortunately, the vast number of results you get within seconds can be overwhelming and confusing, particularly since you need a drug rehab that works with your situation and focuses on your unique needs. You may be tempted to give up, but there is a solution, and it can be found in the palm of your hand. Read on to learn how to find a drug rehab using the app created by Rehabs Finder.


How to Find a Drug Rehab Using the App with Filters


The Rehabs Finder App was created to make the search for quality rehab centers a simple and trustworthy process. Results can be easily filtered according to the user’s individual needs and situation, whether you’re searching for a drug rehab by gender, type of addiction, acceptance of insurance, or availability of special treatment methods.

 Rehabs Finder App - Filtering


That’s not all. You can also filter results based on languages spoken at the facility, the size and cost of the facility, and more. You can choose a rehab surrounded by mountains or on the shores of a beautiful private beach. You can choose to seek a wilderness location or stay in a town. Rehabs Finder has pre-screened each rehab center before it is loaded onto the app, so you can be confident that you will receive quality care no matter which treatment center you choose.


How to Find a Drug Rehab Using the App with the Sorting Feature


In addition to the filtering feature, you can further customize and simplify your search by using the sorting feature, which has five options:


  • Call & Go

  • Price

  • Size

  • Distance

  • State (A-Z locations within the U.S)


Rehabs Finder App - sort


The sorting feature allows you to quickly organize your search results based on the features you want to prioritize. When you see a facility you like, you can even add it to your favorites to easily compare the top contenders—no more clicking back and forth between browser pages with increasing confusion. When you choose to find a drug rehab using the app, the research has been done for you. You can confidently choose a quality program without the stress.


What to Do Next When You Find a Drug Rehab Using the App


Once you have narrowed down your choices, there is an in-app option to call the center directly, or you may prefer to click over to the rehab center’s website for even more information. Taking the step to contact the rehab center can be hard, but the app makes it easy by eliminating the need to search for the correct contact information or take a chance on a drug rehab that is more focused on profits than providing quality care.  


"The addiction treatment industry has become very predatory as a whole," says Michael E. Schatman, PhD, director of research and network development at Boston Pain Care. However, when you choose to find a drug rehab using the app, each pre-screened treatment center has staff information for you to view as well, which can be reassuring to review before contacting them directly.


Find a Drug Rehab Using the App by Rehabs Finder


Finding a drug rehab no longer has to be a discouraging and overwhelming process. The Rehabs Finder App eliminates the stress and confusion that can derail your efforts to seek help when you need it. You can find up-to-date information on high quality treatment centers right in the palm of your hand and easily choose the perfect rehab for you needs.


There are three simple steps to find a drug rehab using the app:


1. Go to the app store, search for Rehabs Finder, and click to download the free app.

2. Filter prescreened facilities based on treatment methods, type of addiction, facility size, gender, and more.

3. Sort your results by price, size, distance, or state and choose the best match for you.


It’s that simple and the app is completely free! Don’t hesitate any longer to take the the first step to begin a life free from addiction and full of hope for your future.

Rehabs Finder App - Screen Shots