How Do You Promote a Drug Treatment Center Online?

How Do You Promote a Drug Treatment Center Online?

Building a Website for Your Drug Treatment Center


When’s the last time you took a look at your center’s website? If your site looks dated or isn’t user-friendly, visitors will make similar assumptions about your center. Show potential clients that you care about their experience with you by keeping your site current and ensuring it is easy to navigate.


Future residents and their families want to know that your center is qualified to address their challenges. Build trust by providing helpful information on the therapies you provide, bios for your staff, and testimonials from successful graduates. Testimonials may be in the form of short quotes, case studies, blog posts, videos, or a combination of the above.


In order to add value to your website visitor’s experience (and rank higher in search engines!), it’s best to have a blog that you update on a regular basis. Brainstorm topics your audience cares about, then write posts that are at least 700 words long. If you don’t have the time to write your own content, you may choose to outsource this step to a freelance writer.


Once you build a website that establishes trust and offers value to potential clients, you’ll want to ensure your hard work is easy for your target audience to find. There are two main ways to get your content in front of more eyes. First, you could hire an SEO expert to help you rank higher on search engines. That can get expensive and may take some time before you start seeing results.


Fortunately, the second option allows you to get in front of your target audience immediately at a fraction of the cost: online directories.


Listing Your Drug Treatment Center in an Online Directory


By listing your treatment center in an online directory, you can start reaching more prospective residents immediately. Rather than slowly climbing the search engine results, join a site that’s already ranking. This also allows you to focus your advertising dollars on a solution that is guaranteed to put you in front of your target market. Listed below are a few online directories where you may choose to list your treatment center. – has nearly 16,000 listings, and website visitors have the option to browse by state. Browsing by location is a common feature for online directories. This is a filter which allows visitors who are in your area (or want to be) to find you quickly. – The Fix is on a mission “to destigmatize all forms of addiction and mental health matters, support recovery, and assist toward humane policies and resources.” Users can browse the rehab directory by state or category before applying additional filters. Users also have the option to search the entire directory or focus only on featured centers with high ratings. – Although the search bar on Psychology Today’s home page is for finding a therapist, users can also search drug treatment centers by clicking on a drop down menu. After selecting a state, users can choose a specific city or county for an even more precise geographical search. Additional filters sort results based on insurance availability, types of treatment programs, and inpatient versus outpatient treatment.   


Listing Your Drug Treatment Center with Rehabs Finder


Like the examples above, Rehabs Finder has a website with an online search directory. What sets Rehabs Finder apart is that it also has an app your target market can download from the App Store. 


Many addicts and their family members explore treatment options and compare centers for a while before making an initial phone call. The Rehabs Finder app puts everything they need to know in the palm of their hand. Facility overviews make it easy to find the information potential residents care most about, and users can even save their top contenders to review later. Once a user is ready to contact your center, he or she can simply tap a button to call from within the app.


Rehabs Finder allows users to filter their results by their gender, age, and type of addiction. Other filters include insurance, special treatment methods, medical detox, languages spoken, and individualized treatment. If an app user doesn’t have a particular state in mind but prefers certain environments, he or she can also search for centers located by an ocean, in the wilderness, or near the conveniences of a town.


Listing your drug treatment center with Rehabs Finder increases both the quantity and quality of your leads. Prospective clients who are a good fit for your center can find you quickly and easily. They’ll review your profile to learn more, then tap a button to call you and begin their journey to recovery.


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