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The best advice for finding an addiction treatment center for yourself or a loved one can be summed up in just two words: Don’t settle. Recovery isn’t easy, and the best way to reduce your chances of relapse is to find a high quality treatment center that offers the latest in proven therapies.

It’s also a good idea to find a rehab center with excellent facilities. This will be your home during your stay in inpatient rehab, so find a place that will make you feel comfortable and confident as you start your journey towards health and recovery.

In this blog, you’ll learn about three of the top 3 addiction treatment centers in the world. From cutting edge therapies to luxurious facilities in beautiful locales, you’ll find world-class treatment at Hawaiian Island Recovery (HIR), DARA Thailand, and The Kusnacht Practice.


The World’s Best Addiction Therapies

When choosing an addiction treatment center, it’s important to consider the approach used in treating addiction. Each center’s philosophy will vary slightly, so look for one that best fits your particular needs. HIR, DARA, and The Kusnacht Practice each offer a unique approach based on the latest research and developments in addiction therapy.

At HIR, you’ll find a balance of evidence-based treatments (such as EMDR and CBT) and experiential therapies (such as animal-assisted therapy). HIR is particularly well-known for its one-of-a-kind wild dolphin assisted psychotherapy. Clients are taken out to encounter and swim with dolphins in the wild, and the experience often marks a beautiful turning point in the road to recovery.

DARA provides an individualized, unique alternative to the traditional 12-step program. This begins with a physical program that includes nutrition, massage, and yoga. From there, clients benefit from a psycho-educational program that includes both group and one-on-one therapy sessions. Proven, evidence-based treatment methods include CBT, Gestalt Therapy, and more. DARA offers a variable length of stay in order to ensure each client’s treatment plan is carefully designed to meet their particular needs.

The Kusnacht Practice uses a range of innovative, science-based therapies in order to treat addictions, eating disorders, and other mental health concerns. The Kusnacht Practice stays on the cutting edge of addiction treatment by offering biomolecular restoration, which they describe as “scientific rejuvenation for body and brain.” This is a unique treatment approach that works to correct biochemical imbalances in your internal biochemistry to ensure physical and psychological well-being.

The team of therapists at each of these leading rehab centers lend a great deal of expertise and experience to your treatment plan, so you can rest assured that you are benefitting from the very latest research in addiction therapy.


The World’s Most Exclusive Addiction Rehab Centers

In addition to providing unique, proven, and evidence-based approaches to addiction therapy, these three treatment centers also offer exclusive facilities to call home as you begin recovery. With beautiful facilities in three stunning locations, you’ll find that these centers feel more like five-star resorts than a traditional rehab center.


Hawaii Island Recovery in US

HIR is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, where beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes provide plenty of opportunities for adventurous excursions or peaceful reflection. The main house is often described as homey and comfortable. It is surrounded by lush, tropical landscaping and offers spectacular views of the coast. At the heart of the home is the kitchen, where a chef prepares delicious, healthy meals that are often locally sourced to aid in residents’ recovery to full health.


Dara Thailand in Thailand

DARA Thailand is located in the stunning Koh Chang National Park in Thailand. The center offers a few different room categories, including shared rooms, pool villas, or executive suites. The entire facility feels like a luxurious retreat. With a 25 meter pool, fully equipped gym with personal trainers, spa with massage services, and more, you’ll find everything you need to escape the stresses of daily life. The environment has been carefully designed to promote total healing of the body and mind throughout your stay.


Kusnach Practice in Switzerland

At The Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland, clients can choose to stay in one of the private villas and apartments or at The Dolder Grand, a nearby luxury hotel. All villas and apartments are located near Lake Zurich and provide easy access to the Alps. While it’s true that the facilities are fully equipped with modern amenities, there’s more to Swiss hospitality than stylish decor. Residents also enjoy access to a personal butler who doubles as a gourmet chef, as well as the unrivaled spa facilities of The Dolder Grand.

Each of these leading addiction rehab centers prioritizes luxury, comfort, and privacy for each of their clients. You’ll have the opportunity to stay in luxurious facilities and explore the natural beauty of Hawaii, Thailand, or Switzerland as you learn to enjoy life without relying on drugs or alcohol.


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