DARA Thailand: A Great Place to Treat Addiction

DARA Thailand: A Great Place to Treat Addiction Recovery in Thailand

If you’re looking for a great place to treat addiction for yourself or a loved one, then you know that one of the biggest decisions you have to make in narrowing down your options is: Where in the world should I start my search?

There are rehab centers all across the United States and around the globe. You can recover in the mountains, by a beach, in a city, or in a rural area; the options are nearly endless. In recent years, more and more recovering addicts have chosen to travel to Thailand to seek treatment.

One treatment center in Koh Chang Thailand, DARA Thailand, has served drug and alcohol addicts from over 50 countries, and that number continues to rise. The natural beauty of Thailand makes it a great place to treat addiction, and the top-of-the-line facilities at DARA Thailand make the most of that natural beauty to provide residents with a luxurious retreat to start, restart, or continue their journey to sobriety.


Thailand’s Beauty Makes It a Great Place to Treat Addiction

Located on the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and attracts visitors from the rest of Asia and all around the globe. From the rich green highlands to the crystal blue sea, Thailand is full of colour, life, and culture.

First, there are the beaches. With two long coastlines and scattered islands, visitors can immerse themselves in nature by snorkeling among the fish, bodyboarding in the surf, or simply strolling along the sand. The sound of the crashing waves makes it easy to relax and forget your worries.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, the tropical forests will beckon you to hike trails with breathtaking views and dive into pools at the bottom of waterfalls. You may ride kayaks, rafts, or even elephants! Every day can feel like a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as you take in all that the gorgeous green landscape has to offer.

The people of Thailand have further enhanced the natural beauty with their cultural, culinary, and architectural contributions. The rich history, sacred hilltop temples, and underground cave shrines may lead you to reflect on the incredible diversity of humanity and remind you that the world expands far beyond the boundaries of your city and life—a very freeing revelation! The cuisine is fresh and flavorful, and while restaurants around the world may try to recapture the taste, nothing quite compares to trying new dishes for yourself at the famous market stalls.

The rich beauty, adventure, culture, and cuisine of Thailand make it a great place to treat addiction. Travel itself can provide you with a much needed getaway from the circumstances and people that may have contributed to your substance abuse, addiction, or unhealthy behaviors. Then, Thailand’s tranquil yet exciting environment provide the perfect place to reset, renew, and heal from the inside out.


DARA Thailand’s Facilities Make It a Great Place to Treat Addiction

Located on the island of Koh Chang, DARA Thailand’s premier facilities make it a great place to treat addiction. You’ll have the option to choose between three different villas, all surrounded by landscaped tropical gardens.

Enjoy both local and western cuisine while enjoying the temperate climate when you take your meals in the open air dining area. Swim some laps in the 25 meter pool or get a workout in at the fully equipped gym to stretch your muscles and continue your pursuit of both mental and physical health.

The meditation center also provides the perfect setting to reflect on all you’ve learned and experienced. Between the weekend excursions and proven therapies that make DARA Thailand such a great place to treat addiction, you’ll certainly have plenty on which to reflect!

When you first see the photos of the facilities on DARA Thailand’s website or Rehabs Finder listing, you may think the place resembles a resort more than an addiction treatment center—and you wouldn’t be totally wrong. The center was indeed a former five-store resort before being tailored for use as a residential facility and a great place to treat addiction.

Although this is undoubtedly a luxury rehabilitation facility, treatment is surprisingly affordable. A comparable level of care anywhere in the world often costs three to six times more than the investment required to join this program. Plus, DARA Thailand is in network for several leading insurance companies.

Residents of DARA Thailand find it to be a great place to treat addiction and the ideal environment to reduce stress, heal from past trauma, and gain the tools they need for a lifetime of sobriety.


Learn More About Why DARA Thailand Is a Great Place to Treat Addiction

The beauty of Thailand and DARA Thailand’s premier facilities is just one of many reasons this treatment center is a great place to treat addiction. The quality of care, certified and caring staff, and affordable cost all continue to draw clients from around the world. Will you or your loved one be next?

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