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Your sick and tired of the constant struggle of life in addiction. It’s time finding a drug rehab that fits your needs. It doesn’t have to be complicated.


But when caught in the throes of addiction, making the decision to go or return after a relapse is stressful.


Addiction is “cunning, powerful, and baffling.”  The addicted brain sometimes associates drug rehab with punishment and it’ll aim to make your search for treatment frustrating.


Images of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” might pop in your head. Substance abuse treatment is not punishment anymore.


I get it. It can be scary to start a new life in recovery. But going into treatment isn’t punishment.


Punishment is what your addiction is doing to you.


Realizing that your addiction amplifies your problems is a big step. Working through the barrier of denial, and admitting you need help, is a significant step towards change.


Congratulations for taking that step.


Recovery is a process compiled of many different goals.  Finding, attending and completing rehab is the jumpstart to life in recovery.


Substance abuse treatment is often the first step to recovery. The roads into addiction and out, to recovery, are very different ones.


It’s crucial to keep this in mind when considering a treatment program aimed at:


  • Initiating changes in behavior
  • Disputing irrational or self-limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk
  • Engaging  with sober support
  • Building the foundation for recovery

Let’s have a look at some specific needs to consider before you find THE drug rehab to kickstart your new life.


You have needs, which are specific to living your life.  Comfort is a necessity. It’s essential to take your time and understand what comfort means to you. Or to phrase it another way, what do you need to feel less stress or anxiety while learning to live sober?

1. Consider the substance abuse program’s physical location


Is the facility close to home? Maybe being close to home might cause anxiety or fear of missing out (FOMO).


Maybe getting away from your home where its cold or rainy and learning to live sober in Hawaii is what you need. Inpatient treatment in a tropical could feel like paradise instead of punishment. Get away from your daily routine and be as cunning as addiction.


In the picture these smiling faces illustrate the beauty of the sunset, the water, and beach. It wasn’t hard to find a drug rehab in paradise with the help of Rehabs Finder app.

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You might enjoy escaping the city and find a rehab in the mountains.


  • Getting away from the city
  • Learning to relax
  • Disconnecting from the hustle of everyday life


A location close to home is possible too. Staying close to home can help your family get the support and counseling needed. To search and find a drug rehab based on location is simple with an app like Rehabs Finder.


Don’t overlook the location of a residential treatment facility when researching where to begin your journey in recovery.


2. Quality of Service & Professionalism

Basic accreditation and state licensure of services is a must.  But look beyond this and research the professionalism of the drug rehab


Check to see if the program belongs to national organizations and offers


  • Continuing care-aftercare
  • Complete on-site medical evaluations
  • Personalized treatment planning
  • Family support services
  • Certified therapists and licensed mental health counselors (LMHC)
  • Experience of the staff
  • Ethical and empathetic safe practices


Another way you can baffle your addiction is staying busy learning new activities.

3. Recreational (experiential) therapy and amenities


While using, have you stopped enjoying social, or out-of-doors, activities?


According to Hawaii Island Recovery, social activities can reduce stress and anxiety during treatment.


The picture shows how easy it is to Find a drug rehab with snorkeling used as recreational therapy

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Spending time in the outdoors nature can help you find peace and serenity.  

When creating your list add recreational, social therapies such as


  • Organized or individual sports, such as tennis or swimming
  • Fitness centers 
  • Hiking and camping camping
  • Outdoor adventures 
  • Arts and other crafts
  • Dance and music


Lifestyle skills or trauma concerns


  • Parenting 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Anger Management 

The image was part of a search to find a drug rehab. It is of a spacious living room at the world class Hawaiian Island Recovery Center.

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Amenities which might interest you


  • Executive suites for comfort and privacy
  • Massage therapy
  • Saunas
  • Private rooms
  • Is the staff large enough to meet your needs? (More staff than clients)
  • Nurses, doctors, nutritionists, and recreational therapists on staff
  • 4. Gender Identity/ Gender-specific treatment

Many facilities offer gender-specific treatment. Men and women and  LGBT populations have different physical, psychological, and emotional needs. Unfortunately, an environment catering to mixed genders might not fit these needs. At times, mixed gendered groups create issues about trauma, distraction, embarrassment, or stigma.


Having a safe place to talk about traumatic experiences or self-limiting beliefs about sexuality or relationships is easier when you feel safe.  


Gender-specific or LGBT treatment can help remove the barriers to treatment and concerns which formerly blocked the path to getting the care needed.


5. Mental health disorders combined with substance use (MICA)

Is your substance abuse disorder amplified because of an existing mental health disorder? Seek a facility which offers treatment for mental health (depression, anxiety, bipolar) and substance use disorders.


6. Treatment modality -Types of treatment offered


In the last 20 years, there has been a shift in substance abuse treatment. In the book Slaying The Dragon: The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America, William White defines the period as “The Modern Evolution of Addiction Treatment.”


Exceptional programs enlist several types of treatment to personalize care.


Different types of treatment modalities include


  • Detoxification, especially when opioids are your drug of course
  • Family Therapy
  • Stages of Change
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • MICA services
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Motivational Therapy
  • 30, 60, 90, or longer terms of stay
  • Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Referral Services
  • Continuing care-outpatient, sober living residences
  • Recovery Support Services
  • Find a drug rehab based on your drug(s) of choice

Evaluate and decide if the treatment center has successful outcomes in regards to your drug of choice. Research program success rates for treating symptoms of addiction and your drug of choice.


The guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the cost of treatment.

To find a drug rehab relevant to your personal needs you have to consider how you’ll pay for it.


Affordability-The cost of treatment


According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the cost of treatment is a significant barrier to getting help for a substance use disorder (SUD). The survey reports it assessed 20.6 million persons aged 12 and older. Each had the need for treatment but did not receive treatment. 1.1 million felt they wanted treatment but lacked money to pay for services.


Cost of treatment doesn't have to be a barrier to treatment.


Inability to pay for treatment should not keep you from seeking the help you desire.


There are services available to help make treatment affordable to you.


Over to you and how you’ll find a drug rehab fitting your needs


In conclusion, your life-saving decision to go to inpatient treatment is commendable.


Consequently, it requires you to take the time and define what treatment means to you Your decision shouldn't be taken lightly.


Evaluate your needs while in treatment.


Before you choose a rehab the goal is to understand your specific needs. The rehab of your choosing should meet or exceed your expectations.

This ultimate guide has outlined your needs to consider when seeking a substance abuse treatment. Ask yourself what you need to help create change. Use this guide to be just as cunning powerful and baffling to your addiction.  


Research what programs are available to fit your needs.

Once you have you know your specific needs use Rehabs Finder application to get into treatment personalized to you.


Decide on the inpatient program to learn to live in recovery


What are the barriers keeping you from treatment?