5 Reasons to Go to Hawaii for Treatment

When you think of Hawaii, what first comes to mind? White sand beaches? Clear blue water? Hiking to the top of a volcano? What about drug and alcohol rehab? While this group of islands does have plenty of natural beauty to offer tourists, it’s also home to a leading treatment center: Hawaii Island Recovery (HIR).

Read on to discover 5 reasons you should travel to Hawaii for addiction therapy, then visit HIR’s Rehabs Finder listing or website to learn more.


# 5: Hawaii is a great place to get away and start fresh.

If you’re currently considering treatment centers in or near your hometown, it’s important to think through whether or not you’re setting yourself up for success. Many drug and alcohol addicts find it difficult to break free of bad habits when still so closely tied to the environments or relationships that have influenced or encouraged their substance abuse.

By hopping on a plane and traveling to Hawaii, you’ll be able to associate your stay in rehab with a fresh start and new beginning. This mindset will prepare you to fully commit to your recovery and glean all the tools you’ll need to succeed back home.


# 4: Rehab in Hawaii can be affordable.

Did you know that your stay in a Hawaiian rehab could be covered in part or full by your insurance? The exact level of coverage will vary based on your plan, but Hawaiian Island Recovery accepts most insurance plans. Intake coordinators are available to guide you through understanding your eligibility for coverage and benefits.

The Affordable Health Care Act has made it much easier for drug and alcohol addicts to purchase a plan that will make rehab affordable for them. Under this law, you can no longer be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition such as substance abuse or addiction. Plus, ACA-sponsored policies cover 60-90% of the cost of rehab on average. If you don’t currently have health insurance, now is the time to get on a plan that can help you pay for your stay in rehab.

You can verify your insurance here.


# 3: Others have found that the treatment plans at Hawaii Island Recovery helped them break the cycle of relapse.  

Hawaiian Island Recovery isn’t just a fly-by-night treatment center. It’s 70% success rate helped land recognition as one of the top ten alcohol treatment centers in the US by QuitAlcohol.com.

HIR’s Residential Manager Bria Hicks, also an alumni of the program, is one of many who were finally able to break the cycle of relapse as a result of this program. She explains, “I have been in and out of treatment centers since I was 13 years old. I started asking for help at 17. I was 36 when I arrived at HIR, and I had well over 20 inpatient detox and treatment attempts. I am 41 years old now and have been clean for four and a half years.”

Success stories like Bria often attribute their victory to the unique experience they had at HIR—including a personalized treatment focus (the center only has 8 beds), the use of evidence-based therapies such as CBT and EMDR, and a 12-step program. 

Bria goes on to recall, “Every time I checked into a treatment center or detox prior to HIR, I felt just as desperate—but I could rarely make it through detox, and I did not know how to surrender. Thankfully, something clicked at HIR for me. Five years ago, I was able to choose to do the work it takes for recovery, and HIR helped that process tremendously.”

If traveling to Hawaii for rehab worked for Bria when nothing else did, it can work for you as well. (She’s not the only one who has finally achieved sobriety upon graduating from the HIR program—just browse their testimonials to hear more stories.)

Bria | Addiction treatment Hawaii


# 2: In Hawaii, you can swim with dolphins as part of addiction recovery.

As a complement to the well-rounded list of evidence-based therapies offered, HIR also offers some unique and powerful experiential therapies—including Wild-Dolphin Assisted Therapy (WDAP), where residents are able to come face-to-face with these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

The HIR website explains, “To look a wild dolphin in the eye is to feel the presence of something extraordinary. That is what will define your WDAP experience: what YOU feel at that moment. Maybe it will transform you, ignite feelings of joy, aliveness, gratitude, and calm. The experience is yours to uniquely discover.”

If you’ve been imagining rehab as a scary, impersonal place where you’re forced to sit in therapy sessions all day long, think again. WDAP and the other experiential therapies offered at HIR can lead to memorable and transformative experiences that you treasure for the rest of your recovery journey and life.


# 1: Rehab in Hawaii is fun!

Recovery from addiction is certainly hard work, but in Hawaii, you can count on having plenty of fun along the way. Residents at HIR take regular excursions to explore the beautiful island the rehab center calls home. From visiting white-sand beaches to hiking through rainforests, swimming in waterfalls to watching for whales, you’ll learn to experience joy and wonder without the help of drugs or alcohol.

Even the nightly sunset holds a special opportunity for making memories with new friends. Some residents have been able to observe the “green flash,” a beautiful phenomena that can cause the sun to appear green for a fleeting few seconds right at sunset.


Learn More about Rehab in Hawaii

If you or someone you know is interested in traveling to Hawaii for drug or alcohol therapy, check out Hawaii Island Recovery online to see if this treatment center could be right for you. Visit their website or view their profile on Rehabs Finder. If you haven’t already, be sure to download the Rehabs Finder app to easily bookmark and compare the top treatment centers on your list.