10 Reasons to Choose Thailand for Addiction Treatment

OK, you’ve made the decision that you’re ready to go to rehab. What next? It’s understandable if the thought of searching for the right facility, with the right program, in the right location is overwhelming. Here's 10 reasons to choose Thailand for Addiction treatment. Here’s a suggestion – consider beginning your journey to recovery in an environment known for its spectacular beauty, peacefulness and tradition of mindfulness: Thailand.

Addiction Treatment in Thailand: An Unexpected Choice that May Be Right for You

Many consider Thailand to be one of the best places in the world for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation.
Thailand offers stunning vistas that evoke peacefulness and mindfulness.

Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Western standards of treatment

– once you’ve decided to get serious about your addiction, it’s important to find a program that’s reputable. Thailand offers a number of rehabilitation facilities with outstanding credentials, and individualized treatment by internationally certified therapists. Most facilities boast a high staff to patient ratio, and high success rates.

2. Treatment that’s affordable

– addiction treatment in Thailand offers quality treatment at a fraction of the cost. Treatment prices are usually 40% to 65% less than comparable treatment in Western rehabilitation facilities. The cost of airfare is usually more than offset by the savings on treatment over the cost of a Western facility.

3. Luxurious accommodations

– many Thailand rehabilitation facilities are posh by any standard. For example, the DARA Thailand rehab is a former 5-star resort that’s been tailored for use as a residential facility.

All-inclusive addiction treatment programs in Dara Thailand.


4. Proven treatment approaches

– these facilities offer a number of traditional, proven treatment approaches, including 12-step Treatment, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness. The more mainstream rehab programs are generally licensed by the Ministry of Public Health, which is particularly important if your recovery program will include detoxification. There are alternative approaches available, too, such as an herbal purging program offered at a remote Buddhist monastery.

5. Customized treatment programs

– most programs offered are customized to the needs of the client. Many facilities offer options such as massage, yoga, mindfulness training, excursions, integrative dance and more.

6. Calm, quiet locations accessible by air

– rehabilitation facilities are generally located in more isolated areas, away from the bustle of the city. But almost all of Thailand’s rehabs are easily reached by air to nearby airports, or by a combination of bus and air travel.

7. Options for accommodations

– you can choose from a small, intimate facility to a large resort-type rehab. Accommodations often offer a choice of private or shared rooms, and a number of other options such as private pools and rooms with scenic views.

8. International clientele and assurance of anonymity

– Thailand’s rehab communities draw clients from around the world. This arrangement gives you the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of those in the program with you, while assuring your anonymity. You aren’t likely to run into anyone you know while attending a rehabilitation program in Thailand. In fact, treatment in Thailand is the perfect choice if it’s important to you that no one knows you have entered a rehab program. Most facilities guarantee your anonymity, and if you choose, many make it possible for you to undergo treatment using a pseudonym. You can easily tell friends and family you’re taking an extended vacation in an exotic location.

9. Models that include treatment for family members

– several treatment centers, including Dara Thailand and centers on the mainland, also offer programs that work with the entire family.

Thailand offers a culture steeped in mindfulness.

10. A tradition of beauty, mindfulness and peace

– Thailand’s history is steeped in mindfulness, and its breathtaking tropical landscape and stunning beaches provide a peaceful setting to support recovery. The weather is usually sunny and the temperature pleasant, which makes being outside in the tropical setting appealing. If your next step is to find the right facility in Thailand, or anywhere in the world, check out the Rehabs Finder app. Just download the app to: • Set your preferences according to gender, age, program, language, methods, location and more. • Easily sort prospective rehabs according to price, size, distance, state or other selected criteria. • Use the Call or Website button to be connected to the chosen center. If you find that the DARA Thailand rehab, or another facility in Hawaii or the continental United States is right for you, the app makes it easy to take that first step in contacting a facility and beginning your journey to recovery. Entering recovery is a courageous move. Take a moment to honor yourself for having that courage. Then find the rehab facility that offers you the treatment and environment that will best support you in making a full recovery, and taking your life back again.


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