Why Good Content Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers Matters

Addiction Recovery

When it comes to marketing for addiction treatment centers, there are two basic approaches from which you can choose. You can either cast a wide net with methods like radio ads or billboards in hopes that a small percentage of those who hear or see the ad need your services, or you can strategically target your ideal prospect with messages and platforms that are most likely going to connect with them where they are.

How Health and Fitness Impacts Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Despite what most movies and TV shows would lead you to believe, there’s more to addiction recovery than group and one-on-one therapy sessions with counselors. Many centers listed on Rehabs Finder offer a more holistic approach to achieve a healthy body, soul, and mind. In some cases, that includes an intentional focus on exercise and nutrition.

5 Reasons to Go to Hawaii for Treatment

Addiction Recovery

When you think of Hawaii, what first comes to mind? White sand beaches? Clear blue water? Hiking to the top of a volcano? What about drug and alcohol rehab? While this group of islands does have plenty of natural beauty to offer tourists, it’s also home to a leading treatment center: Hawaii Island Recovery (HIR).

How Rehab Centers Should Respond to Google’s AdWords Crackdown

Read on to learn exactly what happened and what your rehab center can do to be discovered by prospective residents through Google and other online resources despite this change.