Social Media Strategy for Recovery Centers: Overcoming 4 Big Obstacles to Success

Social media is a powerful opportunity for any business to reach new clients, but the strategies that work for other industries aren’t always the key to success for recovery centers. That’s because there are certain obstacles that rehabs face in building online communities and attracting followers in a public forum.

The 3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Entering Drug Rehab

You’ve started searching for rehab centers and browsing options on Rehabs Finder, but you just can’t shake this nagging worry in the back of your mind. Are you truly ready for this? Do you have what it takes to embark on the journey towards recovery and sobriety?

Why do people choose a drug rehab center?

In the midst of addiction, whether it is a behavioral addiction, drug addiction, or alcohol addiction, entering a drug rehab center can seem quite scary. All too often, movies portray rehab as a place to detox in a cold, dark room with a single lightbulb or a place where everyone loves talking endlessly about their feelings while sitting in a circle of hard plastic chairs.

Treatment Spotlight: Dolphin Therapy, Holistic Health, and Adolescents

Making the choice to enter rehab isn’t easy. Sifting through thousands upon thousands of results in a Google search to find the right treatment center certainly doesn’t make it any easier. The Rehabs Finder app is committed to making your search—and therefore your journey to recovery—as easy as possible. The app allows you to search through a list of pre-approved rehab centers by treatment type, location, price, and much more.