5 Reasons to Go to Hawaii for Treatment

When you think of Hawaii, what first comes to mind? White sand beaches? Clear blue water? Hiking to the top of a volcano? What about drug and alcohol rehab? While this group of islands does have plenty of natural beauty to offer tourists, it’s also home to a leading treatment center: Hawaii Island Recovery (HIR).

How Rehab Centers Should Respond to Google’s AdWords Crackdown

Read on to learn exactly what happened and what your rehab center can do to be discovered by prospective residents through Google and other online resources despite this change.

EMDR Serves as a Key Component in Successful Treatment Programs

EMDR is a psychotherapy specifically designed to help men and women reprocess stressful memories in a constructive way. Addicts who can come to terms with the negative experiences that have plagued them are more likely to have a successful recovery.

Exploring Koh Chang, Thailand: Recovery at DARA Thailand

Thailand has long been a favorite vacation spot for tourists from around the world. Stunning beaches, tropical rainforests, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and more all await the adventurer who comes to explore this beautiful nation.