Exploring Koh Chang, Thailand: Recovery at DARA Thailand

Thailand has long been a favorite vacation spot for tourists from around the world. Stunning beaches, tropical rainforests, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and more all await the adventurer who comes to explore this beautiful nation.

Why Travel to DARA Thailand for Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Read on to learn why people from all over the world are traveling to Thailand to experience treatment at DARA Thailand—and see if it may be time to update your own passport.

Recovery in Thailand: Spotlight on DARA Thailand

When you first land on DARA Thailand’s website or Rehabs Finder listing, you may find it hard to believe you’re looking at photos of a center for alcohol and drug rehab. The white sand beaches, pristine pools, and exquisite food look like they belong in a luxury resort.

Social Media Strategy for Recovery Centers: Overcoming 4 Big Obstacles to Success

Social media is a powerful opportunity for any business to reach new clients, but the strategies that work for other industries aren’t always the key to success for recovery centers. That’s because there are certain obstacles that rehabs face in building online communities and attracting followers in a public forum.