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Rehabs Finder is a tool for finding addiction treatment centers in the US and abroad. Our team has very carefully selected the best treatment centers in the world, so you know every facility in our directory is one you can trust.

If you’re looking for help with addiction for yourself, a family member, or a friend, use the Rehabs Finder online listings in your web browser or download the Rehabs Finder app from the App Store to find addiction help in seconds.

Finding addiction help with the Rehabs Finder app is fast, easy, and confidential. Rather than browsing through pages of search engine results for a treatment center, simply download the app to explore pre-screened facilities and filter results based on the criteria you care most about.

Finding the right addiction treatment center for you or your loved ones has never been easier!

3 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Addiction Treatment Centers

Go to your App Store, search for “Rehabs Finder,” and click to download the app.
Tap “Filter,” then “Set Filter” in the bottom right to filter our prescreened facilities based on gender, program languages, type of addiction, facility size, treatment methods, price range, and more.
Filter facilities
Tap “Sort” in the bottom right to sort your results by price, size, distance, or state. Note that “Call & Go” facilities (marked by an orange phone icon on the right of the listing) can be contacted directly from within the app.
Sort facilities

Advantages of the Rehabs Finder App

  • Download and use within seconds
  • Directory only includes the world’s best treatment centers
  • Filter and sort results based on your preferred criteria
  • Search by state or more specific criteria such as facility size, treatment methods, and more
  • Tap the call button to immediately connect with any treatment center

Download the App for Free and Find the Best Treatment Center for You Today!

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